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Customer service isn’t just about the customer

April 18, 2017

Consider for a moment everything that has to happen to keep customers happy. You, your employees, your product… they all have to work in sync to deliver a satisfying experience. So how does that happen?

It’s not about a single instance of good or bad. It’s about creating a company atmosphere that encourages the good over the bad; and it starts from the moment the customer first makes contact.

Think about your company, and follow the chain of events that occurs between customer acquisition and product delivery. Figure out how many people or processes are involved, then take each component individually and think about how each one can best serve your customers.

The benefit here, besides happy customers, is happy employees. Employees want to feel useful, and nothing makes them feel more important than customer praise. So give them the tools and the training to make sure they get it. While a good plan helps to ensure repeat business, it also helps build employee motivation levels. Do you see the causality effect here?

Everyone in your business is responsible for customer satisfaction. It’s not just those who interact with them directly. Make sure everyone knows that.

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