Trademark Law

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Trademark Law

Protecting your brand is incredibly important in today’s technology-driven market. Far too often a competitor will enter your trade-space and use a brand name deceptively similar to yours; claiming that their mark differentiates itself enough so as to not cause a trademark issue. On the other hand, you may spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating the perfect brand for your company, only to be told by some competitor that you’re violating their existing trademark. 

Understanding the complexities of trademark law can be an inundating task. There are millions of trademarks out there and you have to know how to navigate the endless sea of designs, names and registrations. I’ve been dealing with trademark issues for many years, even before going to law school.

Is someone using a trademark that you believe infringes on your own? Or is someone claiming that you’re infringing on their mark? I’ll help you register and fight to protect your brand. Give me a call and let’s talk about your concerns over your business’ trademarks.

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