Michael K. Terkanian

You Run Your Business. We'll Protect It.

As a legal professional, I strive to understand the law and how it ultimately affects my clients. When a new client comes to me, the first thing I make sure they understand is that their problems become my problems. I can’t rest until I know the problem has been resolved and my client’s troubles are behind them.

To understand who I am and how I approach a legal issue, it’s important to know where I began. I started my career as a computer programmer, as I’ve been writing software since I was 9 years old. I was an owner and partner of a technology company for many years, and I’ve held many titles in my career, including lead developer, CTO and CIO. I made the transition to a legal career because I saw an emerging trend of legal uncertainty in the business and intellectual property sectors that is often found when technology meets the law. I thrive on helping my clients understand how technology will strengthen their business, while assuring that they keep an eye on any legal issues that may arise while doing so. I fight diligently against the extortionist tactics often used by copyright and trademark trolls, and I make sure my client’s own intellectual property efforts are protected from abuse.

I believe in working together to come to an amicable resolution when a conflict arises, yet I won’t hesitate to apply the full force of the law when necessary. My vast background in business and technology puts me in the uncommon position of being able to fight for my clients rights from both legal and personal experience standpoints.

Give me a call and let’s resolve your problems/questions together.

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