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Our Approach To Servicing Our Clients

Simply put, our clients are our partners. We work together to develop clear, practical approaches to solving their legal concerns. As part of their team, we support the ongoing implementation of our strategy plans to ensure real and sustainable objective achievement. We work with our clients in a variety of strategic and operational disciplines, including:

Business Development and Negotiation. We work with our clients to help strengthen their position in business strategy and negotiations. Their input is essential to creating a solid foundation for any initiative they plan to execute, so their voice must be heard if we are to efficiently implement key decisions meant to facilitate greater growth.

Intellectual Property Protection and Litigation. Our highest priority is to establish baseline protections that help ensure our clients will never have to see the inside of a court room to protect their IP. However, sometimes litigation is inevitable. By planning ahead and having the right protections in place, our process provides for greater efficiency and higher productivity at reduced costs for when litigation is necessary.

Understanding the Legal Impact on Technology. Harnessing and understanding information technology is no longer an option in the legal community. Today’s attorneys must be both adept and knowledgeable when it comes to the intersection of technology and the law. With roots in the information technology industry, we are not only well-versed in technology law, but our innovative approach is often imitated, but rarely duplicated, by other attorneys.

Consumer Protection. For our business clients, we work with them to help ensure they are in compliance with consumer protection laws, thereby reducing the risk and uncertainty that often comes when facing customer service challenges. For our individual clients, we take a personal interest in their case when companies try to take advantage of their patience and goodwill.

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