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Staying positive isn’t just important for your business

April 14, 2017

As a business owner, you know bad things happen. Payments don’t come in, employees don’t show up, and customers don’t walk though the door. So it’s hard to always be positive when it seems like the cards are stacked against you. When you leave at night, you don’t have the luxury of leaving work at work. Everything that happens comes home with you. However, keep this is mind: your business is an extension of your personal life. If you get down at the shop, those feelings will likely follow you home.

It’s tough to stay positive when things are going bad, but remember that it’s more than just your company-life here; it follows you everywhere and effects everyone at home. So here’s some food for thought when those tough times seem to want to ruin your day/week:

1. Attack the problem full force. People who don’t let difficulties stand in their way have a habit of using their emotional energies to combat the problem head on. Business slow? Use your frustration to create that risky marketing campaign you wanted to try. Customer’s not paying? Maybe it’s time to change that “no intimidation” collections policy. Whatever’s causing problems, sometimes addressing it directly is the best therapy.

2. Just say “Oh well”. I know, this is incredibly difficult to do, but it really can work. Some people have the ability to simply put the problem out of their mind. Here’s why… First, they recognize that panicking doesn’t solve the problem, so don’t bother. Second, and this is how I look at it, in five years from now, is whatever’s bothering you really going to matter? Will you even remember? If the problem isn’t life-altering, it’s just not worth sweating over.

3. Consider taking a step back. Sometimes the best way to deal with a stressful situation at the office is to not deal with it. If you have employees, use them to your advantage. Find the team that you think can offer solutions and let them take a shot at fixing whatever’s wrong. As the owner, clearly you want to be responsible for fixing whatever’s wrong, but maybe you need to take a step back and let someone else help.

Remember, it’s not just your sanity at stake here. Your business and personal lives are forever entwined, so when one causes problems, make sure you take the other into consideration.

Oh, and get some sleep at night!

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