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Legal Issues in Information Technology

Since the start of the personal computer revolution, and continuing through the advent of the Internet, technology and law have been caught in a never ending game of cat and mouse. Whenever technology law appears to be catching up, the technology itself inevitably changes and interrupts any progress made. As a technology law firm, our goal is to stay up to speed on the latest IT, and with it, the latest IT laws.

Our firm has its roots in information technology, as our founder, Michael Terkanian, is a former computer programmer and hardware engineer. Therefore, as IT lawyers, technology is our passion. We make it our mission to keep computer law, cyber law, and the law of technology as first and foremost on our list of expertise.

Areas of Technology Law Services

Licensing Agreements. As technology attorneys, it’s important that we understand how to license technology and create solid licensing agreements for our clients. The different licensing models that exist between software and hardware, and the various types of licensing agreements require a trained eye to look out for the little nuances that can make or break a deal.

Service Level Agreements. Before purchasing your hardware or software, your customers will likely want to know about your information technology policies and SLA agreements. Having a prepared standard service level agreement ready to go is important to demonstrate your professionalism and desire to address their needs.

Design & Hosting Contracts. Web and mobile application developers need solid hosting agreements and website maintenance contracts to protect their interests. For example, does your web hosting agreement layout the ownership rights if the contract is prematurely cancelled? Part of our job when drafting web developer agreements is to make sure our clients and their customers both leave the table satisfied.

Data Security Policies. Your company’s data security policy must protect both your business and your customers. Information security regulations, such as PCI compliance for online payment security, must be taken into account. Hackers are attempting to gain access to systems every day, and an information security breach could cost your business dearly. Our team can help prepare your information security protocols, and perform audits to make sure you are always in compliance.

Web Policies & Disclaimers. It’s important to let your users know the legal disclaimer for your website that discusses the terms and conditions of use, as well as the privacy policy affecting their personal data. We work with our clients to write effective legal website disclaimers and privacy statements that allows users to feel comfortable using their service, while giving our clients the piece of mind that they are shielded from liability.

Preventing Cyber Crimes. We train our clients and their staff on identifying, preventing and recovering from cyber crimes such as social engineering and associated hacking attempts.  Phishing, password harvesters, ransomware, baiting… all of these tactics are used to get inside your company’s computers. Our team is well versed in cyber crime prevention methods, and can help prepare your staff to deal with these and other forms of internet crimes.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance. Anti-spamming laws, such as the Federal CAN-SPAM Act, require businesses to abide by certain mass email marketing rules and opt out regulations in order to help combat spam. Penalties for not being CAN-SPAM compliant can be severe. Part of our service is to provide our clients with CAN-SPAM expertise to help them build successful email marketing campaigns that won’t violate email solicitation laws.  We help them understand what constitutes spam, email unsubscribe requirements, and how to navigate federal email regulations.

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