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Website Service Agreements

For website development and hosting businesses, having a solid website service agreement and hosting contract is an absolute must. Your agreements need to specify the services you plan to render, and the process for when customer expectations exceed your anticipated deliverables. Whether you’re looking to create agreements for website development, or hosting services contracts, Terkanian Law can help.

Website Development Agreements. Scope creep is a very real and very dangerous thing for any website services company. Your website development agreement must spell out the procedures for dealing with the inevitable “extras” without having to sink uncompensated hour into your projects. At the same time, your customers need to know that you have their back when their needs change. Therefore, it’s important (really, really important) to structure your website design agreements in a way that both parties feel covered.

Additionally, ongoing support for the website should be fully spelled out in a website maintenance contract that explains the procedures for support after development and launch.

Web Hosting Agreements. Even the best website in the world is useless without a strong hosting provider. However, what happens if the hosting service has an outage and the website loses business as a result? Does your current web hosting agreement discuss limitations on your liability, or service level agreements? There are many factors that go into a hosting contract, and without a good understanding of liability law, your business could unnecessarily suffer.

As a company rooted in technology, we understand: you want to make an amazing product and your customers want to make sure they are covered in writing. That’s where we come in. Our experience in the web development and hosting industry allows us to draft development and hosting agreements that cater to our client’s needs, while also looking out for their customer’s.

Your business is making great websites and keeping them online. Our business is to give you the peace of mind to continue to do that. Give us a call and talk to one of our representatives about how Terkanian Law can help your business create solid website service agreements.

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