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Cyber Crimes and Security

It’s very likely that your company’s greatest asset is the data stored in your computers. Your technical knowledge, customer lists, employee reports… without this data, your business would have a hard time keeping up. Cyber crimes are on the rise all around the world, and knowing how to prevent or deter would-be Internet criminals is essential to your business’ survival.

At Terkanian Law, our team of technology professionals has years of experience dealing with cyber crimes and security, and are well versed in computer security laws. We work with our clients to train their staff on being able to spot, prevent, and report cyber fraud before it becomes an issue for their business.

Ways to Prevent Cyber Crime. The first step in preventing cyber crime is training. Your employees must understand the various attack vectors Internet criminals use to access your data. For example, the cyber crime social engineering has been on the rise in recent years, and too many businesses are either ill-equipped, or simply don’t understand how to handle this type of fraud.

What is Social Engineering? Social engineering is when an actor uses deceptive tactics to convince an individual to divulge confidential information. An example of social engineering is Pretexting, where a person may call your company pretending to be one of your customers, for the purpose of getting their confidential information. This person went to your customer’s website and gathered as much information about the customer as possible. With this information in hand, they talked to your representative, who was convinced that they were who they claimed to be. Then, your representative gave this person all the confidential information they wanted. Without proper training, your representative had no reason to doubt the person’s sincerity, or their claims.

Other forms of social engineering include Phishing, Baiting, Water Holing, and Quid Pro Quo. Each of these have their own signature methods, and staying on top of every technique can be cumbersome. At Terkanian Law, our team of technology professionals can train your staff on detecting and preventing these types of cyber attacks, as well as other Internet crimes.

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