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What is a Service Level Agreement?

A service level agreement, or an SLA agreement, is a contract between you and your customer that specifies the level of service they can expect from using your product. For example, if you are a web hosting service provider, you would want to create a website service level agreement, which indicates levels such as your up-time guarantee, outage response times, monitoring, and other areas meant to alleviate the customer’s concerns over their site’s online accessibility.

The metrics you choose to offer must match the level of service you can actually support. New service providers often run into the problem of promising more than they can actually deliver, and therefore, face liability when the product becomes unavailable. For instance, many service providers will offer a 99.9% up-time guarantee; but without doing the math, a new provider may want to impress their customers and offer a 99.99% up-time guarantee. The difference? 99.9% means the service can be down for a little over 8 hours during the course of a year and still be within the service guarantee. 99.99%, however, reduces that time to 52 minutes. Knowing how to properly structure a standard service level agreement is an important, but often overlooked responsibility.

At Terkanian Law, we know how to look at your business’ resources and help prepare a viable service level agreement that works for you and your customers. Whether you need a basic service level agreement, or an enterprise level agreement, we’ll use our technology experience to help draft your SLA contracts, and ensure your customers feel at ease with the services they receive.

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