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Legal Disclaimer for Your Website

When users visit your website, they may want to know if there are any rules or policies in place governing their usage of the site. A terms and conditions disclaimer, accompanied by a privacy policy, creates a license for the users, letting them know how you expect them to interact with your website’s content.

At Terkanian Law, we work closely with our clients to draft and implement effective website legal notices and privacy disclaimers to protect them from liability.

Do I Need a Legal Disclaimer for My Company Website?

If your website asks for personal information, or in any way tracks its users – such as analytics or contact forms – then you need a website disclaimer and privacy policy that explains what you plan to do with that information. When a user comes to your website, a good amount of personal information may come with them, such as their IP address, browser and operating system data, and what site they came from. Additionally, if your website uses third-party advertisement plugins, you may even be able to know exactly who is visiting your site. In addition to managing and protecting the user’s information, you your website disclaimer and privacy policy needs to address what you plan to do with that data.

In your policy, you need to discuss whether you gather their data strictly for analytical purposes, or if you plan on sharing their data with third-parties. Regardless of your reasons for gathering the data, you must give your users notice that their information is being recorded and what you may do with it.

Remember, when a user visits your website, they have the option of reading the terms and conditions disclaimer, as well as the privacy policy, before submitting any personal information. If they do not agree with your terms, they have the option of leaving the site.

Having a legal disclaimer on your website gives you the ability to collect data points on your users, and if properly placed on notice, to partner with third-party vendors to market directly to them. However, drafting legal website disclaimer and privacy policies can be cumbersome. The team at Terkanian Law has years of experience working with terms and conditions disclaimers and privacy statements, and we’re happy to talk about your business’ needs. Call us today and one of our representatives can discuss preparing disclaimers for your website.


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