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The two important time-slots business owners must reserve every day

April 20, 2017

As a business owner, you dedicate most (if not all) of your day toward building / selling / managing your company. Employment issues, customer concerns, material deliveries… none of these escape your eye; and rightfully so! It could be said that you know everything that’s going on at all times, and as owner, that’s likely a very good thing.

However, there are two times of the day that you absolutely have to reserve for other considerations. You can pick and choose when you want to do them, but it’s important that they get done.

First, you have to set aside a period of time each day to think about your business growth strategy. Many times business owners get stuck in the weeds of the every day monotony of running the business, and they forget to consider the future. Do you have enough capital in reserves for 6 months? Have you researched new compliance concerns? What is you plan if your star employee gets snatched by Silicon Valley? Take 20-30 minutes each day to unplug from your daily chores and dedicate it to reviewing your growth strategies.

Secondly, you absolutely need to set aside some time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be during the work day, but it must be there. We’re only human, and humans require down time to recharge. Make some time every day where you can let go of your business responsibilities and focus on something else; hopefully something you enjoy. A good book, a movie, maybe even a hobby. Whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it and it gets your mind off your business. Otherwise, you may burn out before you realize it; then your business really suffers.

You’ll always be concerned about your business… that’s what makes you a good owner. But it’s success is reliant entirely on you, so take the time necessary to help ensure it’s future.

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